Weather Reports – 2007

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The Weather Reports is a series of drawings and intaglio prints done in homage to the majesty of violent weather. Growing up in Wyoming and Colorado, where high, windy skies and intense weather was a formative part of a child’s psyche, I have ever since loved weather phenomena. Daily weather is the source of these works. The title was inspired by Kathleen Norris’s book, Dakota, A Spiritual Geography. In that book, she intersperses chapters about life in a small town on the plains with short “weather reports” which are, simultaneously, scientific accounts that ground the reader in nature and rational fact, and poetic metaphors that ground the reader in spiritual movement and subjective meaning within how we read our place on earth.

The intaglio prints require credits given. An Edgren Scholarship, given by Bethel University in St Paul, Minnesota, funded the making and printing of these editions. That scholarship allowed master printer and artist, Jeff Wetzig, and his apprentice printer, Jessica Kuehn, to collaborate with me as an artist, to turn my drawings into intaglio prints. We did this in the summer of 2007, in what was one of the most fun summers I have had. My friendship and affection for Jeff and Jessica for this collaboration will always abide.