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cover-for-guy-chase-book The Art of Guy Chase
Baltimore: Square Halo Books, 2011

  • Essay, “Disruption and Illumination: the Role of Art History in the Art of Guy Chase,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Edited by Jame Romaine
  • Other essays by Joel Sheesley, Theodore Prescott, Albert Pedulla, James Romaine
Chris Larson Failure Chris Larson, Failure
Berlin: Hatje Cantz, Gallery Magnus Müller; Rochester, MN, Rochester Art Center, 2008

  • Introduction by Kris Douglas
  • Essay, “‘Yet That Things Go Round and Again Go Round,’ In Praise of Failure,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Other essays by Marc Glöde, Tamatha Sopinski Perlman
  • Interview by Sönke Magnus Müller with Chris Larson.
Domestic Vision Domestic Vision, Twenty-Five Years of the Art of Joel Sheesley
Minneapolis, MN: Lutheran University Press, 2008

  • Essay, “Metaphor as Domestic Space,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Editor, Gregg Hertzlieb
  • Other essays by Daniel A. Siedell, Lisa DeBoer, David Morgan, E. John Walford
“Flooded” and Other Intimate Terrains by Cherith Lundin “Flooded” and Other Intimate Terrains by Cherith Lundin
Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2007; Funded by a Jerome Foundation Book Grant

  • Essay, “‘Flooded’ and Other Intimate Terrains,” by Wayne L. Roosa
Retrospectives: Guy Baldwin and Gary Hallman Retrospectives: Guy Baldwin and Gary Hallman
October 9 – November 8, 2007. Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, 2007

  • Essay, “The Kinetic Imagination of Guy Baldwin,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Other essay by Robert Silberman
5 Imagination and Interpretation: Christian Perspectives
Ed. Hans Boersma Vancouver, British Columbia: Regent College Press, 2005

  • Essay, “Meditation on the Joint and its Holy Ornaments,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Includes other essay by Jeremy Begbie, John Bell, Dennis Danielson, Quentin Schultze, et al.
  • Roosa essay reprinted in Books and Culture, ed. John Wilson (January-February, 2008):16-23.
6 The Next Generation: Contemporary Expressions of Faith
Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2005

  • Introduction by Patricia C. Pongracz; text essay, “Dancing in the Dark/Waltzing in the Mystery: Art About Faith,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Catalog by Patricia C. Pongracz and Wayne Roosa
7 The Art of Sandra Bowden
Ed. James Romaine (New York: Square Halo Press, 2005).

  • Essay, “The Role of Language in the Art of Sandra Bowden,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Other essays by Terrence Dempsey, Ena Heller, James Romaine, Jean Bloch Rosensaft, et al.
Art Moves, Inaugural Exhibition Art Moves, Inaugural Exhibition
For the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Art Center, (University of Minnesota, September 2 – October 22, 2003)

  • Essay, “Guy Baldwin’s Kinetics,” by Wayne L. Roosa
sheesley-calvin-college-cat-cover Fortitude and Forbearance, an exhibition of recent paintings by Joel Sheesley and Jerome Witkin, Center Art Gallery, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. August 27 – September 28, 2001.

  • Catalog essay for Sheesley/Witkin, “Signs of Consciousness, Pilgrimage and Presence in the Paintings of Joel Sheesley,” by Wayne L. Roosa
The Sacred Arts Exhibition Series The Sacred Arts Exhibition Series
Catalog, a consortium of twelve exhibitions held throughout the Twin Cities sponsored by Millennium 2000 Committee at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mary and twelve Minnesota Colleges and Universities.

  • Essay, “Paradise Lost, Paradise Sublimated: The Suburban Paintings of Joel Sheesley,” by Wayne L. Roosa
Betty Woodman: Pots, Paper, Prints Betty Woodman: Pots, Paper, Prints
Singer Gallery, Mizel Family Cultural Arts Center, Denver, CO, Spring, 2000

  • Essay, “Betty Woodman and the Vase Extended,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Other essay by George Woodman.
Stuart Davis Stuart Davis
An exhibition curated by Philip Rylands, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy. Exhibition tour: “Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice (June 7-Oct. 5, 1997); Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (Oct. 22, 1997-Jan. 12, 1998); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (Feb. 1 – April 19, 1998); National Museum of American Art, Washington D.C. (May 22-Sept. 7, 1998)

  • Essay, “Underwriting The Amazing Continuity: The Journals of Stuart Davis,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Other essays by Rudi Fuchs, Lewis Kachur, Diane Kelder, Ben Sidran, John Wingate, Karen Wilkins.
Stuart Davis Retrospective, 1995 Stuart Davis Retrospective, 1995
Koriyama City Museum, July 8-Aug. 6, 1995; The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, Aug. 12 –Oct. 1, 1995; Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Oct. 10-Nov. 26,

  • Essay, “Stuart Davis and ‘The Shape of the Amazing Continuity’,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Other essayist: Earl Davis.
Stuart Davis Stuart Davis
Galerie Ulysses, Vienna, Austria, Oct. 1992; Ulysses Gallery, New York City, Dec. 1992

  • Essay for exhibition for the Davis Centennial
Swedish Currents: Six Contemporary Painters from Sweden Swedish Currents: Six Contemporary Painters from Sweden
Eugene Johnson Gallery of Art, Bethel College, April 1988

  • Catalogue essay by Wayne L. Roosa.
Dale R. Johnson Dale R. Johnson
Eugene Johnson gallery, Bethel College, Spring, 1986

  • Essay, “Observations on the Paintings of Dale Johnson,” by Wayne L. Roosa
  • Also essay by George Tapley. Minneapolis college of Art and Design.