In the Slipstream – 2010

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In the Slipstream – Artist Statement

slip·stream: \ˈslip-ˌstrēm\ noun 1: a current of air or water driven back by a propeller; a partial vacuum created in the wake of something; an assisting force drawing something along behind something else 2: a surging flow bearing everything along in the swirling eddies and whirlpools of its wake 3: a logos, a profusion of alphabets, viral colonies, DNA helixes, chromosomes, swimming sperm, children’s drawings, hieroglyphs, symbols, star charts, color, light, random marks, scribbles and signs drafting in the germination of fluid washes of watercolor and gouache 7: a gyrating waltz dragging elegance, spasms and violence along its cupped surface or down into its dark undertow 9: a mystery drafting everything suspended in the turbulent,  fecund stream of its wake